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BOPIS is a win-win for both retailers and customers, combining the convenience of online shopping with the immediate satisfaction and personal touch of in-store pickup.

PaymentPuttyTM takes this experience to the next level, elevating your online ordering and in-store pickup processes to create seamless transactions every time.

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Buy Online Pickup In-Store Features

PaymentPutty BOPIS Schedule Creation Wizard

Schedule Creation Wizard

Our user-friendly tool empowers you to define pickup days, times, window lengths, and the number of allowed sign-ups for each location.

PaymentPutty BOPIS Slot Reservation


Let customers schedule pickups by selecting available windows, block out unavailable times, and customize the time limit for purchase completion.

PaymentPutty BOPIS App Extensions


Offer one-click refunds with unsupported payment providers, instant access to pickup details, including date/time and contact info, rescheduling, and more.


Flexible Pricing Options

PaymentPutty pricing depends on the unique needs of your BigCommerce storefront.

Monthly fees as low as $300
Implementation starts at $3,999

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