PaymentPutty User Guide

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Setup & Features

Adding Users in BigCommerce

Click on Accounts Settings -> Users and select a user or click on create new user.

Input all the user details and give them permission to the Integration App under Single Click Apps in permissions.

More granular permissions may be assigned within PaymentPutty once they log into the app.

Payment Methods by Customer Group

Click on Automation on top and click on PaymentPutty

Click on Settings on top right

    1. User can switch the stores on the top left. Custom checkout settings are also available on this page.

Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS)

Checkout B2B

How to Access BOPIS

  1. Login into BigCommerce
  2. Click on Apps
  3. Click on the Integration App
  4. Click on Automation on the top
  5. Select "Store Pickup (BOPIS)"

Store Pickup (BOPIS) - Calendar

Store Pickup - Daily View

Store Pickup
Daily View

  1. Edit the scheduled time slots for the selected date.
  2. Print packing slips by pickup window or for the entire day.
  3. Clicking on each time slot will display the details on the right side.
    1. View details of the pickup
    2. Reschedule the pickup to a future available date
    3. Print packing slip for the specific pickup
Store Pickup - Weekly View

Store Pickup
Weekly View

  • Allows users to view the available pick up time slots and scheduled pick up slots.
  • Time slots are displayed for each day with date, number of pickups scheduled for the date, each time slot with number of available and scheduled pick up slots.
  • Today: Navigates the user back to today's calendar view.
  • Create Schedule: Takes the user to a screen where they can create new pickup slots (More details in the "Create Schedule - BOPIS Schedule Builder" section)
  • Time Slots: Each time slot is a link to a Day view where user can view the scheduled pick ups, modify the pick up, reschedule the pick up times and print packing slips for all the orders for the day or each order. (More details in the "Store Pickup - Daily View")
Store Pickup Location

Store Pickup Locations

Locations can be added, edited or deleted from the locations screens. All location addresses are stored within BigCommerce.

Note: If there are pickups scheduled for the location, the user will not be able to delete the location.

Customer Facing Tools

Order Lookup

webpage link

  1. Enter Order number and email used during checkout
  2. The order details will be displayed, and user will be able to reschedule the pickup until allowed limit.

Pickup reminder email

Pickup reminder emails will be sent based on settings

Store Management Settings

Email Configuration

Here user will be able to Register the From address in the email template and design the email template.

Settings - Store Pickup

Store Pickup Settings

In Settings users will be able to set Reservation Timer, reminder email notifications, order processing time, Reschedule Pickup, allow user to enable or disable the custom checkout and modify or add checkout fields.

Note: User can change the settings for any store in the top right drop down menu.

Order Processing Time: User will only be able to select time after the days or hours set.


Flexible Pricing Options

PaymentPutty pricing depends on the unique needs of your BigCommerce storefront.

Monthly fees as low as $300
Implementation starts at $3,999

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